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Methods to think about when raising a leader!

Raising your child to be a leader may be a daunting task! Know that Shaping a leader, one that adds to the world and that leads with empathy can be done. But, what methods do you use to get you there? With no rules or regulations, not even a certificate to ensure you know what you’re doing! The reality is, it’s the hardest thing you will ever do. The world shoves methods on how to raise your child at you through all channels. But honestly, the world knows nothing about your child and what methods would help you raise your leader.

So how do you choose? The easy answer; start from home, pushing them to be their best self, molding them to become tomorrows entrepreneurs or the next CEO. I question myself more often then not on if I am pushing hard enough or if I am pushing too hard in the home, how can you tell when there is no real gage? Every moment is a teaching moment, remember raising a leader is no small task. So take your time, learn what really resonates with you and your child. Here are three methods that I have faced when raising a leader.

Everyone Gets a Trophy Method:

Raising your child to be a leader

Nowadays, everyone gets a trophy, no matter what your input was to whatever outcome the team did. We are teaching the children that just pure effort is the attribute that the world looks for. But its NOT! The world is harsh and there is competition on all sides and in every aspect of life, know that your child is competing. Competing, for all the things that they want in life and there are hurdles they will have to jump that won’t give them an in just for jumping. A pat on the back in the home won’t push them to be a leader either, it may even cripple them in dealing with adversity that WILL COME. They will have to look inside themselves and pull out there competitive edge, the grit that gets them to their goals if you want to raise a leader.

I am not saying that trophies should not be passed out but the children should be coached for the betterment as a whole person ( both in the home and at school) Small Trophies help when raising a leader! Rather the team wins or losses you want them to know they are still a leader. One thing you want them to be is empathetic, to those around them. Leaders simply lead by example and reach out to those that may need some additional help. Trophy, or not.

Do What I Say Method:

Raising a Leader

Now in being a mompreneur myself, I sometimes feel like I have all the answers in being an effective leader and reaching goals. So, in turn, I feel like somethings will just transfer to my kids right? Wrong! I learned (the hard way) Osmosis, is not a way to raise a leader. They will watch what you do in life and make choices on if they want to implement, but ultimately you have to teach them why you do what you do if you want them to raise a good leader. Simply telling them “because I said so, may not work”. This method did not work in my home. My girls( I have 5 Daughters) LOVE to question the answers I give them. They don’t take things at face value. I have to go through why and how I want them to do things for it to soak in

Let Them Choose The Way Method:

If you believe that leadership is not taught but a trait that one is born with you could let your child choose his/her path to leadership. By, letting them choose what they do and don’t do. One struggle that we encountered with our oldest daughter is sports. She does not “like” sports…. but on the other hand, she had never really played. My husband and I both feel that sports help teach you about working on a team, building relationships as well as working through adversity. We decided that against her wishes that we would put her in a sport. She initially complained but ultimately loved it. If we let her choose she would have never had the experience. In, my opinion this method is very tricky to ensure you’re raising a leader or if they are just fearful to try new things.

Overall leadership

Are you raising a leader in the home? Three methods that parents should think about when raising a leader in today's world.
As A girl mom THIS give me all the leadership feels!!!

Overall, we just want to be great parents and we want our children to add value to the world around them. Rasing a leader is what I like to believe all parents strive to do. The method you use simply depends on you and your child; as no one person is the same just like no one person leads the same. Make sure that you are talking to your child about pushing pass his or her own limits and really reaching their goals. Try to listen to their input so that they know that your not the only leader. Lastly, take their input on the decisions made for their lives as honestly, they are the only ones that have to live them. INTURN USE ALL THE METHODS!!! Please let us know any methods that you are using? Any good books, or struggles that you have faced like mine?

Here are a two books that I found helpful:

Dr. Myles Munroe, here you can find links to books he has regarding leadership in PDF to download for FREE!!

Parenting Your Child Leader, great read!


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