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What’s the importance of worship?

Worship can shift your mindset and change your perspective on the world. Worship can push you into your destiny and cleanse you of your past. Worship heals wounds and breaks generational curses. Worship, lets you hear God and lets God hear you. Worship tells God your grateful for winning. Does that tell you the importance of worship?

When I W.I.N worship is necessary

This dropped on me like a ton of bricks. Sometimes we take our WINS and run with them like we did all the work ourselves. Purpose helps you on your journey to experience worship.

You can find that: 3 ways of knowing your purpose really helped me work through the importance of worship.

We tend to absorb what it feels like to finally not lose at something. Floating on that feeling alone. Especially, when you’ve had as many losses as I have; its easy to bask in the ambiance of fleshly happiness.

If you’ve ever experienced true worship, you know it takes the high of winning to another level. Above all, knowing where you came from and whom you belong to also adds to the feeling of winning and the importance of worship.

The Importance Of Worship

Most times we’re not sure what worship is in the first place. Is it just singing or waving of hands in reverence to the lord? How do I know if I’m doing it right? What am I supposed to feel, if anything at all?

Don’t let people tell you that you shouldn’t question God. As there are many instances in the bible where prominent men and women do just that. And guess what. God, answered abundantly. Seek and you shall find. He will send the answers to your questions on the importance of worship in whatever way he speaks to you.

Questions are a matter of the heart and worship is a living sacrifice.

God is willing and ready to answer. I want to slow down for a second here. For some, the notion of talking or worshiping God may seem like a far fetch. I am here to tell you that he speaks, is it NOT (for me) like in the bible with a thunderous voice that speaks loudly and deeply.

It’s like a brilliant drop of knowledge I would not have come up with. In addition, when writing poetry and my pen just moves without thought. Or a quiet conversation with the Holy Spirit while in water.

You must find the way that God speaks to you through the holy spirit. Please note that God speaks to everyone, it just doesn’t look the same for everybody. God will meet you where you are. Remember, He is a gentle God.

The Definition of worship

The true definition of worship in the English dictionary: the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. Hebrew worship means: worship, bend, prostrate oneself, adore.

The Hebrew definition speaks to me as to bend to someone takes selflessness. God, is ready to bend to your worship while you bend to worship him.

Lots of people wonder if worship is important. If I live my life right, tithe and take care of the people of God, I should be ok. Right? To be honest there is no trick formula or ratio that will get you into heaven. As long as you give your heart to God, live your life based on the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE) we will see each other in heaven.

Struggles with the importance of worship

Some find it hard to focus during worship. Finding your mind wondering on what’s up next in your day or a problem that’s close to your heart. This is easy to do as the world is full of things for us to fill our minds with other than worship.

Focusing will give you a greater level of clarity. It does take some time to really dig and leave the world behind for a bit. No matter what form of worship you are doing. Don’t worry that your mind takes a little wonder in the beginning, press in (focus harder) and you will get there.

My Personal Struggles

When I say struggle, I really mean it. There have been some really tough times on my side. I’ve had parental pain. Which I write about in The Broken Mom; Church hurt, friends leave and so much more. But the mountain you climbed to get to your WIN should be celebrated with WORSHIP. Our flesh tends to rise up and say wow I made it to the top of the mountain where there is milk and honey all on my own!

Not giving honor to God for guiding you into your destiny and taking care of you when you knew nothing of milk or honey. Can I be honest with you? My best thoughts come, when I can think of nothing. Now, I know that makes no sense. But really hear me on this God, is so subtle and so sweet that he makes us think it’s us who came up with the solutions to our problems.

He won’t push you to reverence him, He won’t make you say his name. He will just send the holy spirit with another thought or idea to fix your problem. It’s the most beautiful thing.

There are so many things for me to worship God for; and so many ways for me to do so.

How do I know if I’ve won enough to worship? Great question. The word worship itself can seem daunting. Many of us struggle with faith questions and have no one to ask. It can sometimes feel shameful if you ask a question that seems as if it contradicts the bible or your religion. Honestly, I feel God, welcomes questions. It gives him a chance to prove to you who he really is. How else do you get to know someone if you don’t ask questions or have a conversation?

Your expressions of worship

There are so many acts of worship. It comes down to what form of worship fits your purpose. There will be a form of worship that will just feel right. That frees you from all things in the world. A release that feels pleasing to God.

For me, he speaks clearest during my writing sessions. There is no way I could ignore its God speaking to me.

To truly connect, worship the Father in spirit and in truth. Simply means give it your all. Bearing your real self. This does not have to be at a church service. While you should have a loving church family around you. You should also be able to reach God for yourself. As he is everwhere you are. The veil was broken so that we can enter in, which means God, wants to be close to us. We no longer have to give our prayers and concerns to the priest.

I can’t leave out corporate worship. There is a access to God, you can only get corporately. I encourage all to worship alone and gain access to the lord privately. I also challenge you to find a place of corporate worship that grants you an even higher level of access.

Worship is the purest expression of appreciation to God for the breath in your lungs. God lives to hear your worship.

Find One Of My Fav Worship Songs here: We Dance

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