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The meaning of fatherhood and the importance of a girl with a DAD attitude!

We are getting closer and closer to dads big day. Fathers day! Each year I am truly in awe of how a father’s love affects our girls. Today I Reminisce on watching hubby grow into the dad he is today. If you have been following my blog you know that my husband and I have five WHOLE daughters! It is still shocking to say, write or even type to this very day. Who has FIVE daughters?!?! We do! HA! So our brim is full! Secondly, on the effect that his love has on them. I mean the DAD attitude is real! Our girls walk through this world with a special kinda magic! Lastly, how his love affects their actions in the world. It is so beautiful to watch.

Growing Into A DAD!

I was shown the importance of a dad on day one of our parental journeys. June 29th, 2006, Curtis and I became mom + Dad to our beautiful baby girl Janiya. So young just twenty and twenty-two-years-old parents to this tiny little being that we now would give our whole life force for. Curtis went from being the man I was in love with to the man I depended on for almost everything. He researched birth stories with me, cheered me on to breastfeed and even asked me to stay home with our daughter. If this doesn’t stress the importance of a DAD I don’t know what does.

Moreover, he was there for her, anything she needed she already had. We added 4 more girls to that beautiful mix and he is still going strong. Never missing a beat!

The magical Daddy love!

Watching their individual father-daughter relationship blossom each day fills my heart. Furthering, the notion of the importance of a dad is the love they have for him. Our girls walk the earth with what I call the “DAD Attitude”! Which, in short, is a piece of himself that he leaves each of them to carry while in the world without him. Like magic dust that sprinkles when they are faced with anything us “fatherless girls” would deem strenuous or troublesome.

Furthermore, they see the world as a place to be taken on with a force behind them. Never worrying about their safety when daddy is around or when he is away. As he is always a call away. Thinking through decisions with dads input leads them to feel more comfortable with their decision-making skills. Never second guessing the advice or words of affirmation that he gives them while holding his constructive criticism closely in their mind.

Its really magic!

A take action kinda love they have!

Fathers, never underestimate the effect your love has on your baby girl! Girls are stronger when they have a daddy to lean on. The importance of dad is not stressed enough. Which is why I am happy to say, our girls take action because of how much their father loves them. They fight harder at all things because of him. Wanting to impress him or make dad smile is a constant competition in a girls heart.

Daddy’s girls, lean into love a little harder once they actually CHOOSE a love. I say choose as they take their time falling for the one they bring home to dad. Our girls are even particular about the friends they introduce to him as they value his opinion that much. They push through, nothing the world says about them sticks as they stand on the best foundation of love from their father.

Witnessing the Dad Attitude!

As a mother, that didn’t have this relationship with my own father watching it grow is the best part of motherhood. Staring at them become gitty when he comes home. Watching them look back at home plate to look for the sign he holds up just for the two of them. Most recently, watching him walk into the dugout to console and give some tough love to his baby girl when she cries. His hugs could cure anything for his girls and I truly believe that.

Thinking through my life and some of the decisions that I made without the influence of a fathers love I become teary. The importance of a dad can only be noted as imperative and while that seems redundant, its fact! I know that the love of my father would have given me the strength to say no to things that I said yes to. Pushing me toward my life goals and the plan and purpose that God had for my life.

Fathers are the protectors of our energy teaching us to choose whom we let in our space. Loving us above and beyond what we see in ourselves and into who we are created to be. Undoubtedly, one of the best love stories that will ever be written is the love story of the girl with the Dad attitude.

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