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Our Southside of Indianapolis date night was too much fun! Follow along for some date night ideas for you and your boo!

Cheers to Twelve years of marriage! I’ll take a whole round of applause a million dollars and a lifetime supply of prayers! ( You can throw in a bottle of Crown Royale Peach for old time sake)Hehe. My, how I love hubby! Above all, these past 12 years have been nothing but eventful and we have a million more years to come. Ok, done. So I set out on a mission for our 12-year anniversary date to be different and in close proximity of home. We live in Greenwood, which is a suburb on the southside of Indy.

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Our Indianapolis date nights have been few and far in between, to say the least. The Big move to Indy(we’re from Detroit) left us without a support system to drop the kiddos off for a sec to breath let alone date. So we had to fit it all in one Friday night out, for maximum time out, if you’re a parent you know what I mean. Didn’t want to make the 30 to 45-minute trek to downtown Indy so I set out to find places within 20miles.

Here is what I found for our southside of Indianapolis Date night:

First up the Outdoorsman Sport Shop which at first glance does NOT seem like a date night spot. But hold your horses they have Archery classes and a range + equipment that can be rented by the hour. If you’re as competitive as Curtis and I this will end up being a healthy, friendly almost sexy competition. You can rent a bow and five arrows for 1 hour at $30 an hour this comes with two target sheets for long and short-range shooting.

Can’t say enough about it, it was way more fun then we thought it was going to be. Note, brace yourself as your arm gets tired quickly shooting A bows. They also have a plethora of other things in the store that might tickle your sporty fancy.

The outdoorsman sports shop
On the mark!

~We had a shoot’em up date~

Next Up on our Indianapolis date night

Shoot Point Blank , was a shot of adrenaline. Going into the gun range for the first time I was super nervous. Simply hearing the sounds of all the different guns going off is not something that I am used too. We met a very courteous employee at the door which instantly made us feel more comfortable. The ladies at the counter explained everything to us, not making us feel bad for being newbies. Judy, (at the counter) was in the Marine Core which made me feel even better about being at the shooting range.

COST: It was $50 total: which included

  • Date night rate of $15
  • Equipment fee: $1 (to use any of their stock)
  • Ammo (we had 4 rounds) $3.99+
  • 4 target sheets (you can choose what you want)$5
  • Noise-canceling ear muffs
  • Taxes and fees

Once inside its exactly what you think. Lots of noise and people shooting at targets. But once you calm yourself you’ll notice that you’re enjoying yourself. And learning about how to use a gun. Then the competition begins on the targets you picked out.

Indianapolis Date night
Indianapolis Date night

Southside Date Night Eats

Of course, our night on the town could not come to a close without good eats. Set out to find a place that wanst run of the mill and the REVERY checked all the boxes of taste tingling excitement!

Checking in was nice and easy, Yelp helped us make our reservations. The food was yummy! We had the porkchop and the pork tenderloin. The topper was the yummy bananas pudding inspired dessert. (check out my IG wall for all the pics) All I can remember is that it had Carmel in and I ate it all!

The Revery Pork Tenderloin
Saucy Pork Tenderloin

Next time

Overall, our date left nothing to be desired hubby and I had a great time trying new things. Next time we will venture to downtown for our Indianapolis date night to see monument circle or try to find some live music spots. I made a list for you!

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