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Breastfeeding a newborn baby was not something I saw myself doing when I had children. I hadn’t seen anyone breastfeed until I was in my late teenage years. Candidly, the thought of breastfeeding seemed weird to me altogether. Who wants to pull their boob out all day and feed a baby when you could just make a bottle? NOT ME!

Or at least I thought I didn’t. My thoughts on breastfeeding have been completely transformed after doing it five times over. Surprisingly my husband is the one that convinced me breastfeeding was a good idea. He really pushed for it, while I gave him the side-eye the whole time. Telling him all the bad things I’ve heard from breastfeeding moms being stuck to their babies.

He even got my best friend on his team who is a registered dietitian and had already breastfed her baby boy to talk to me. Just to note I also gave her a good side-eye. Like gurl, I don’t want to. But they obviously won me over.

Breastfeeding is such a personal journey

Breastfeeding a newborn baby
My journey of Breastfeeding Our Five Daughters

We became pregnant young, I was just 20 years old when Janiya came along and shook our world for the better. We found out we were pregnant just three months after we got engaged. But, that’s a whole other story. My bestie led the breastfeeding campaign. Coming to the house after having Janiya, she made sure that I was comfortable with it. Her and Curt(hubby) tag teamed me to make sure I wasn’t going to quit, cause believe me I thought about it several times.

Breastfeeding became easier and easier. Each time I picked her up to latch we seem to sync more and more. The beauty of watching her become full from milk produced by God filled my heart.

I never spoke to a lactation consultant as I was surrounded by women who had run the marathon and won (which is so important).

My milk production was good and Janiya was great at nursing. My saving grace for breastfeeding a newborn baby was the Boppy for good breastfeeding positioning. I can’t say enough good things about it. You and baby will find your way, each breastfeeding journey was VERY different. Makayla, (12mo nursed) was a cryer, wand to feed all the time. While Ariyanna,(8mo nursed)) really wanted nothing to do with nursing, as she was ready to go. So, mama don’t compare your journey to someone else.

The best parts of breastfeeding a newborn baby

Once you get over the part about constantly pulling out your boobs, you can see the good parts of breastfeeding a newborn. Of course, the health benefits are great, isn’t it just beautiful how God designed the body? Literally, healing both you and baby from the outside world. Breastfeeding prevents things like breast cancer, osteoporosis, and postpartum depression. The health benefits are on a whole different level for baby breast milk is the tree of life for them. Giving them all the antibodies curing them of the common cold. With my girls, I put it on EVERYTHING from Rash to redness even in their eye if it looked a little pink.

But, the best part of breastfeeding for me is the connection. It seems like your creating a bond that locks you together forever. Rubbing their little feet, kissing them before they can walk on them and get them dirty. Staring at them while they get full and then pass out kinda becomes your fav past time. The good news is, its what’s best for them no matter how long your milk supply last. Be it long term or short term you do what you can to give them what’s best.

The Worst Parts of Breastfeeding a Newborn Baby

Breastfeeding a newborn baby
My journey of Breastfeeding Our Five Daughters

Pulling your boobs out in front of the world has to be the worst part about breastfeeding right? Not for me, the worst part is pumping! I HATE the breast pumping it’s like being a cow and getting milked every time you pull it out. Then having to store the milk, write dates on the milk and keep the milk cold no matter where you are. Uughhhhh! I am getting upset just thinking about it.

Other things that are kinda bothersome when it comes to breastfeeding that just come with the job… Are leaking, it gets annoying if you look down and your whole shirt is wet. I’ve been in bed asleep, and woke up like why is my bed soaked; who peed? Oh, it’s just my boobs leaking! Also, not knowing how much you have fed the baby is always a question when you take them to the doctor. Like, I don’t know I can’t count how many ounces come out of my boob. HA, it could just be me…let me know if it is.

Emotional struggles of breastfeeding a newborn

People don’t talk about the emotional struggle for women when it comes to breastfeeding. While in your heart you know its the best thing for the baby, it’s also hard to do. And that is just a fact. I felt like I was stuck in quicksand while those around me could move freely. Knowing that each time the baby cried someone would say… ” she is hungry. No matter if I had just fed her burped her and milk was running down her cheek. I felt like it was all on me, nobody else could help me out of the emotional quicksand that I was sinking myself in.

Honestly, most of it was all in my head. But, I want everyone to know that it’s ok to feel however you feel. Just make sure that your noticing how you feel and working through it as those feeling can become overwhelming very quickly and can lead to postpartum depression. Breastfed babies are hard work make sure you get medical advice if you feel overwhelmed.


Honestly, I have no real advice for weaning, (I am currently weaning and hate it at 12mo). Three of my girls weaned themselves, but oh my 4th daughter was not having it. I nursed her for 15 months and she still sticks to me like glue. Weaning is harder to me then nursing, so that is all I’ll say on that. Ha!

My journey of Breastfeeding Our Five Daughters
My journey of Breastfeeding Our Five Daughters

Overall, I wouldn’t trade each breastfeeding journey I had with my girls for anything. I see it as my first real sacrifice for them. As it’s one of the greatest sacrifices I have ever made for anyone. And I love them just that much.

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