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Cue cheery, Cue Bright as Jingle Rails at the  Eiteljorg Museum will have you and your kiddos… Choo Choo-ing all night!!. My family got to enjoy a preview of this exciting display of trains(and so much more) thanks to The City Moms ! Being new comers to the museum and to the state we were not totally sure of what to expect when we arrived to the exhibit! Boy, were we met with an exciting experience when we arrived! I wish I could go over everything we loved & learned, but here are a few details that you should know! 🙂 

This is not just a train set( This is not what you think), this is a full on experience that will have you and your kiddos engaged and ready to see the next display! If you have been before don’t worry they have added to the exploration a new Route 66 display that gives all the nostalgic  20th century feels you’ll love and the futuristic feels your kiddos will enjoy as well!  And some familiar sites along the way! Here are 5 thing we LOVED about the display!

1.Find Me Photos! 

  1. We LOVED the find me pages: at the exhibit there are photos pages that you and the kiddos can flip though to find in the display! my girls had so much fun with this. They were excited to find the item and get to the next one! ( I also thoroughly enjoyed this) 

2. Places we love! 

 Seeings things that we know and love: the exhibit has a ton of  details so many little things to catch on to… here are two …… note about us: ( we like to eat and we love football) 🙂

3. Finding the Disney Themed Pieces: 

My 12 year old(great for all ages) pointed out all the Disney stuff that she saw! It was so cool seeing them depicted in that manor and made from the all natural  resources! 

4.The People! 

Everyone… everywhere was so accommodating! Ready and willing to give you as many fun facts about the displays that you can ask for. Bob, was great with the kiddos even helping them find things on the Find Me photos! 

5. A place to put the strollers!

Last, but definitely not least!! There is a place to store your stroller… while it is easy to maneuver though the display with the stroller you may not want to… you can simply park your stroller and go…. ( its very close to the display)

Literally, at the price point of $13 adults, seniors $11, youth ages 5 to 17 are $7 and children ages four an under are FREE!!!! YOu cant Beat the experience!  which is great as they will greatly ENJOY This….  

We didn’t get to see a lot of the art but did peek in to view a few of the pieces and really enjoyed them! 


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