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These 5 stress-free moving tips for busy moms will save you a ton of time on moving day. The moving process is NO fun, let alone moving to a new state! There is so much to do, so much to plan for! These five tips stress-free tips for moving will help you streamline the moving process! Estimates, moving boxes packing + loading-trucks, and of course, getting your kiddos settled in!

You may NOT have family members or friends for miles; so you’ll need these steps to be stress-free. My family and I made the long-distance move to Indiana almost three years ago and boy was it a transition; not only do you have to get used to a new home but there are new people and a whole lot of new places.

Then you have the dreaded moving process that comes right along with the transition. As a mom, I wanted to ensure that the transition for my kiddos was as easy as possible, and at first, I thought it would prove to be an impossible feat….. but we are now settling in. Hoping that sharing our experience with other families may help their move better!

Let’s Get To These Stress-Free Tips! 


If your family is thinking of making the big long-distance move you want to ensure that you research the area; before you get there and hate the neighborhood, the surrounding food, the nightlife, the mall and so many other little things that accessible. You can use so many online tools to learn about your new state to ensure that your picking the right city for you and your family. 

Be sure to take notes so you don’t forget! On, the moving side you want to ensure, the moving company + distance and how much it will cost you to get there! My husband’s company moved us, but we used PODS for the immediate items we needed. They were very easy to work with and very easy to use! 

This is one of the best of the 5 stress-free moving tips in my opinion as getting your stuff from point A to B is the biggest part. 

2. Visit Before Moving!

While this may seem like a given for most, it’s not as simple as you may think. Meaning visit for at least a week. Go to the mall, talk to the locals, and eat the foods that you love(if you can find it)!

This will only make your permanent move easier as you will know a little about the lay of the land. Even though you may be riding about using your GPS a year later; like me! Its literally triumphant for me if I drive somewhere without my GPS. Like I want to dance when I get out of the car!! 

On the moving side, make sure that you know the distance for your moving quotes! Long-distance movers will ask for distance for your home estimate..  Especially if your using PODS, this will help with your cost as cross country moves can deem costly. 

Men with moving boxses


Once we picked a home… joining the mom groups was the biggest help!!! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! Go to FB or IG and search for your city and join as many mom groups as you can! (You can search the hashtags on IG) Asking questions in this group really helped our moving experience.

You can ask questions in these groups and get feedback from moms that love their babes as much as you do! Such as theCityMoms, ( Indy Local)  has been a great resource for me when trying to find things to do to meet new mom friends and especially trying to find things to do for the kiddos. Since Joining, I have been to events with my family, made some mom friends, and joined a few groups that support what I LOVE to do!


You can find child care and the best schools just by asking another mom in these groups! ( Venting may also be allowed) hA! Joining these groups can also help with referrals to local movers with great customer service! This can help if you want your home set up before you and your family arrives. Look for things like FULL-SERVICE MOVING COMPANY, which was huge for us and so many other local questions. Out of the 5 stress-free moving tips this one blessed me, as we had no family to help us move.


Good relationships feel like home! It was tough being somewhere new, and not knowing anyone was killing me! As I am a super social person! After you do step 3, there will be mom things that you can go too!

The question I asked myself over and over again….. Who is going to go with me? You know us girls… we always want a BFF to tag along so we feel more comfortable in a room. But PUSH yourself,  when you’re in a new state it can feel lonely so go to the mom group events alone(even if it’s uncomfortable) and talk to someone!! Trust me you’ll feel much better!!!


 Easy to do when you’re in your home state; as family and friends are always passing out invites to a birthday party or get together so the calendar fills fast. When you’re in your new home the days weeks and months seem to go by slowly while feeling like you guys haven’t done anything but unpack boxes as a family in forever.

Going out as a family helps your new state feel more like home and helps the kiddos feel more at home. My five girls and furbaby ( my only son, Zoro) like to go to the park and take long walks. So, I asked the mom groups, what the best parks were to take longs walks…. and we planned to go to a different one each week.

It Feels Like Home

Overall, it gets easier day by day mama, and remember you can do this! Each day something will fall into place for you and your family!

Leave a note with some things that helped you with your big move! Or questions about mine, I would LOVE to hear from you!!! And HAPPY MOVING!!! 😊

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