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Lateva Woolfork

I am a woman that believes that we all have a purpose, and we are all striving to see that purpose manifest each day! As women we wear so many hats, it’s hard to narrow down which purpose you should focus on each day to be the best version of yourself. I am here to tell you that you are not alone! Finding purpose can be done, so let’s do it together! 

I’m excited that you are here and that you took the time to learn a little about me! I am Lateva Woolfork, (but you can call me Teva) wife to Curtis and mother to our 6 beautiful girls! OH….YES …I said six…. And yes I said, GIRLS! God has blessed us with #fivecurlygirls and we are lovin every minute of it! I am born a Detroit Girl who’s now living my best life in an Indianapolis world!  I’ve done all the things… the medical field, administrative field, and the last 7 years in Real Estate for our family-owned company. I am now embracing my God-Given skills as a creative and a connector and have found myself in public relations.

I have always been a visionary as well as a social butterfly!! My strong points are building core relationships with those I meet, cultivating an inclusive atmosphere while building long-standing partnerships! I am a communicator and encourager of the people around me to live purposely powerful lives!!! I have had a host of life experiences some good Some REALLY good and some bad and needless to say Really.. really bad. I said all that to say I am so happy that God has brought me to my purpose ( did I mention that I am an ordained minister) shhhhh….. don’t tell everyone some people look at me funny when I say that. #stealthminister I am so excited to share more with you!!! Please leave me a message so that I can get to know you better!


Live Life On Purpose!