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Free Valentines day printables

These are 7 fun Valentine’s Day printables on love that will help your littles with all things crafty & beautiful on love day! Every year we look for something fun to do with our girls to teach them how love can/should be given and received. Especially as a family!

We’ve found that teaching them about love through reading and play has brought the most lasting effects.

This year we are going to combine both reading and play and challenge our girls to read through what loves means on a guided journey through verses in the bible.

What better way to teach our girls about what love should be than the Bible. Reading through the word will help them know the heart of God while showing them what God expects from us while here.


You get a FREE guided Valentine’s day reading challenge + Bookmarks & Scriptures on love to share with your kids. And of course, you get the family memories. 

This kit is good for all ages I use it for both my teens and toddlers. Letting my older girls go through the verses and use them in cards and in their writing. And doing the reading challenge with my smaller girls to focus on shapes and the aspects of love.  


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Your family will have so much fun with these love-themed printables. You can plan a full family day of Bible fun.

What Can You Do For Kids On Valentines Day?

There are so many things we can do to teach our kids about sharing the love on Valentine’s day. I like to think of this as a day to share with them the importance of sharing the love of God.

My girls always look forward to Valentine’s day cards both from their friends and loved ones. It’s a tradition in our house that we all get a gift in some form or another. Love cards are at the top of the gift list.

I also like to set the table for them with love notes and one or two pieces of special candy. One year I ordered hearts with their names on them. Gosh, they were so cute! The girls LOVED them. I know they will remember these moments and feel the love as they get older.

(A parenting note: even my 14 year old looks forward to the table and candy)

Do you remember going to school making a cool DIY mailbox to fill up on the day of your valentines day party?

Oh, the nostalgia of being so excited to walk around the classroom and pass out your chosen candy and adorable Valentine cards. With these 7 printables, you’ll be able to bring that same feeling to your home, classroom, church, or where ever you want to spread the love.

What are some cute ideas for valentines day?

I collected a couple of ideas that won’t overwhelm you and won’t break the bank. You can print these right at home and have all the fun right at your kitchen table.

These fun ideas come from other mommy bloggers that want the same things we want. To have fun with our kids and teach them what it really means to love. While making lasting memories!

Valentines Ideas

Valentines Day Printables

I am so excited for you to try these with your families! Be sure to tag me on IG and leave me a comment when you make these. Let me know if you and your family have any fun traditions that we can try. 

If you’re looking for something for mom & dad you might want to try these for your ADULT LOVE day! 

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