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Our love brings us together to share life abundantly in love with the person we vow forever too. Praying for that love can and will elevate your marriage.

{ I created a 5 day pray for bae challenge you may want to do HERE }

There is such a thing as a good marriage. Don’t let the world discourage you and tell you living in a bad marriage is the norm. It’s NOT! You just have to work at the marriage you want to see. Love is natural but all the work that comes with it can seem to be a distant form of love.

The work is what we should really be looking into when we first start dating. Can you remember when there were just butterflies and kisses in your relationship?

The courting stage is fun it really fuels how your marriage will be. Let’s think back to the moments and actions that made you feel those butterflies; those are the actions we want to carry over into our daily interactions in our marriage.

lets get into it

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The Characteristics

These characteristics of a successful marriage are easily attainable and easy to implement in your everyday interactions with your spouse.

Have Fun: Yes, this is my top choice for characteristics of a happy marriage. There are so many things you can do in a marriage that are not fun. So you have to take the fun moments and lean into them. 

Make a list of what each of you deems as a fun outing with each other and just do it. Love on each other in those moments. Give yourself the room to let go and just have fun with bae. 

Honesty: People in successful relationships tell each other the truth even if it hurts. This seems like a given when it comes to the person you vowed to spend the rest of your life with. But can quickly become something we steer away from so we don’t start arguments. 

If your loving and living with someone every day for years and years you are bound to make them upset. You’re bound to change and grow into different people and that may bring up some emotions that aren’t so pretty. With that in mind, your spouse must be able to tell you their real truth. 

Some married couples have problems just being honest and that can lead to just living on the surface in your marriage. And we don’t want that. So, just be honest and grow in that. 

Prayer: Prayer is essential for life and I believe it to be even more essential when two become one. Not only do you need a personal prayer life for the things you need to align with God. You also, need to collectively pray together. 

Not only does it strengthen your relationship as husband and wife but it gives you the opportunity to hear the heart of your spouse in front of the lord.  And nothing is more intimate. 

A Healthy Sex Life:  Intimacy can make or break a marriage. You have to be able to really sit down and discuss what you need when it comes to sex and intimacy. Make sure you’re really making an effort to GIVE and RECEIVE from your spouse

Plan if you have to but, make sex and intimacy a priority  God created a DEEP connection for a reason.  

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Trust: This is BIG BIG when it comes to healthy characteristics of a good marriage. I can tell you I struggled with the concept of trusting anyone wholeheartedly. I dealt with and still deal with the trauma from my childhood. Which affects how to give and receive normal life emotions such as love and trust. 

Be sure to do things when and how you say you will so your spouse can ensure they can trust you. 

{ Keep trauma in mind when your learning yourself and how you deal with normal emotions and actions. Seeing a counselor is always a viable option}

Forgiveness: People in good marriage quickly forgive each other; they know living in a state of anger doesn’t help their marriage. Know bad days are going to happen, your spouse is going to make you mad. You have to be able to give them grace. 

Also, take time to explain to your spouse what they did and how the problem can be solved. This may not be easy when you’re upset so you may need to take some time to calm yourself and be able to work it out. You also need to be able to accept an apology it’s just as important as the forgiveness part. 

They Work Together:  Building a family is the easy part. Maintaining and growing a family in a positive manner is the hard part. You and your spouse have to be teammates to get it all done. You have to be able to count on your partner when they say they’re going to take care of something. 

There are too many things that can fall to the wayside and quickly become big problems for your marriage, With both of you working together its easy to keep alllll the things you have going on in check while keeping your marriage in tac. 

Overall, you have to want to do it. You have to want to keep your marriage going and want to learn new things that will help. If you love someone your willing to do anything and everything to make them happy. And love is all you need to have a good marriage.

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