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5 ways to pray for our husband’s success no matter what his vision is.

Prayer and worship help us to know the plan God has for us. Finding your purpose in life is integral to the prayer process. You can find more about purpose in Three Ways To Find Your Purpose and more about worship in The Importance Of Worship In Your Life. These both help with our relationship with God so that we can pray confiedntly. 

Praying for our spouse is one of the many unwritten rules of marriage. There are many, but prayer is key. Especially as a wife, it seems that our prayer role is infinite no matter what space we’re in. Prayer can be one of the ways we fill that support bucket for our husbands.

Let’s be real ladies we all want our husbands to reach the fullness that God has for them. And some points of that may seem like a nagging experience when we try speaking over them. Prayer for our husband can seem like a struggle. Rather than a joyful uplifting one for us. Praying God’s word over him can get him to see himself as you see him. And take some of the burdens away from talking to him about it. (If you have any)

1 John 5:14: 14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

5 Ways To Pray For Your Husbands Success

There are many ways to pray for your husband and a vast amount of subjects to pray for. Success is normally the last on the list, but for me, it lays on my heart often. Being in tune with the holy spirit can really help with narrowing the list of what to pray over your husband’s life at any time.

1. Praying Stable Mentors Come Into His Life

One of my major prayers for my husband is to bring Godly men/women (yes women) into his life that lift him up in a Godly manner. People that really see his potential and want him to succeed. Mentors can speak to my husband’s heart in a manner that a wife cant.

As it is always nice to have people who don’t seem like they have to take note of your accomplishments or failures.

A specific prayer: God I thank you for his life.Thank you for the pillars that you are placing in his path. Let them speak to his heart God. I thank you that mentors in his life encourage and correct him in love. I thank you that they have his best interest at heart. They show him the love of God and give him grace.

Jeremiah33:3: Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known

2. Pray For His Mind, Will & Emotions

To be successful one must be in control of how they feel and how they process information from the outside world. And ladies we know that the world is quick to throw a jab or two to knock us down. This really speaks to your husband’s relationship with God. While we can pray for him we can’t take the steps for him.

A specific prayer: God I thank you that his mind will and emotions are controlled by your word. Thank you, for his will to please you and serve the kingdom of God. Light a fire in his belly to chase the purpose that you have placed inside him before the foundations of the earth.

3. Pray For His Vision To Be Clear

Vision gives your husband a clear goal to work towards and even some insight on how to achieve the goal. Giving him direction on what to pray for and the things to ask God for.

Specific Prayer: God thank you for giving him eyes to see and ears to hear your word. Thank you for your holy spirit leading and guiding him during every decision that he makes in his day. Please give him signs that make your vision clear to him.

Proverbs 14:1: The wisest of women builds her house, on a foundation of Godly precepts, and her household thrives. AMP version

4. Pray For Money Management

Yes, money management. With success comes money and knowing how to manage the little or a lot that God gives you is imperative. You also want to pray that his heart is ready for success. As God has prepared him for such a day.

Specific Prayer: Lord, thank you for placing your stature in my husband lord. As you waste not. You have made everything with a purpose. I thank you for money management, I thank you that my husband is not just a blessing for us but for other families. Abba, you know what he needs, I thank you that you meet him where he is.

Prayer For Abundance

It feels so vain to pray for success and worldly things. The word says make it plain and to come to him like a child. If you have kids… you know they aren’t shy about asking/begging for that want. Abundance is not a bad thing.

Specific Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank you for the abundance of 100 fold that you bless your children with. I thank you that his cup runs over in your abundance lord. Thank you that his heart is steadfast on you so that you may give him an Abraham blessing.

God’s Got This

God is so good in that he places the exact words in our hearts. There are many ways to pray for your husband. Talking with him and asking him what you can pray for also helps with success. Overall, pray for God’s will in his life as we don’t want to pray selfishly. Gods love us abundant and we know that success is what he really wants for us. Let’s be diligent in praying for our husbands and those that God places on our hearts.

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