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Praying with and for my girls is such a big deal for me, as we know the power of the tongue creates our surroundings. As there mother it’s my job to keep them safe when out in the world. I believe prayer gives them that added cover of protection when I cant be close to them.

I’ve learned connecting scripture with prayer helps write God’s word on our hearts. This helps not only me know my girls are covered but gives them something to hold onto that comes straight from the word of God.

{I believe in deep relationship with my girls, you can read more on how to create deep relationship HERE} You can also listen to my story on the podcast HERE}

Let’s Get Into It

She will never have to feel alone or abandoned. Psalm 34:18

God, I thank you, for the love of your daughter. You’ve given her to me to watch over and I ask for your abundant guidance and word to lead her down the narrow path. God, lay your word on her heart, stay with her through each step of her day. As soon as she opens her eyes let her know you are with her and will never leave her side. We thank you that she will never feel the pain of loneliness or abandonment. Bring her close to your heart allow her to tap into the purpose you created her for. Affirm her heart in you, God.

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”Proverbs 31:30

God, please cover my baby girl’s heart. Let her not be dismayed by deceitful charmers of the world. Push her to heed your word and delight the sound of the holy spirit. Let her place her beauty in you and give her all the confidence she needs to walk in the world with her head held high. She will not fear the weapons of the world. She will not give when she does not hear from you. She will not move unless you tell her to. She will choose you in all aspects of her life.

Her body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and must be treated as such. 1 Corinthians 6:19

God, let her never waiver on her body being the temple that you’ve created. Let her bask in the ambiance of your presence when she is called beautiful. Let her use her body to further your kingdom. Let her give unto those that seek you through the Holy Spirit. Let her remember, she was created in the image of a king and should treat herself as such. Let her inner voice speak through the Holy Spirit leading and guiding her to the truth about all that she as created to be.


She doesn’t have to back down. She can and will stand up for what she believes is right, as God leads her.  Deuteronomy 31:6

God, let her stand tall when faced with adversity. Show her early the power and dominion you’ve given her over the world. Let her heart not harken when negative things come up because your word is written on her heart. Let her lead with love and compassion. Hold her close to your bosom so when she does hurt she does not lash out but she forgives seven times seventy. 

She will do everything as if she is doing it for God and His glory. Colossians 3:23

God, you created her for a purpose. She will walk in purpose with grace and dignity. Make it plain, so the steps may be easy for her to follow. Let your glory be the fire that burns in her belly. Let her thirst for you never be satisfied. Let her crave your presence and sit in your worship so you may download to her your plans. 

Mother with black daughters

These prayer affirmations will help you cover your daughter’s thought out her days. You can even pray them with her so they lay on her heart. Building a strong prayer life is a plus when she grows older.

Know that God will keep her and lover her as you do. There is no weapon formed against her that will prosper that comes from God.


5 Prayers and scriptures that will cover your daughter’s heart, mind, and soul each day. Pray these prayers with her to affirm and encourage her.


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