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I created a list of 5 fun stay-at-home date night ideas, due to needing to really connect with my husband. After being in a relationship for a while (almost 20 yrs for us) creativity is key when it comes to how we connect. We can sometimes become more like friends doing life and love together. And that can be very draining on a marriage.

If you know anything about me, you know that I’ve been with my husband since I was 17 years old. Yes, 17. You can learn more about or story Here

You also may not know that we have 5 daughters and are currently pregnant with our 6th. Yes, 6th child. So time for us is scarce and is soooo very hard to come by. We MUST stay in tune with our love languages to ensure when we do get a chance to connect its impactful.  

This list was created out of us needing to get creative

I hope this list helps you get a little closer to your bae too. I want to give you a little back story on Curtis, (bae) and I. We are crazy, in real life. We fell crazy in love with each other so young and its been so long for us. Early on we fell short in dating each other and not really putting our marriage first or nurturing it in the way that we did the children.  

Now, we make sure we really take time to look into each other’s eyes and check-in. As we’ve learned that it’s so important to take inventory when you do spend time together.  Please know that your marriage is important and it’s ok for it to take priority over the children.  I know that sounds bad, but if you two are not happy, nobody’s happy. God will grant you the grace to let everything fall into place. 

Now let’s get to this list. 

5 Stay-At-Home Date Nights

Dating should be fun, right? Yes. make sure that you are tailoring these dates to yourself and what makes you and your love happy. If you put the effort in, it will show during your date.

(I like to add little special surprises to our dates, the extra thought I put in makes my hubby feels special. Like:

  • His favorite Candy.
  • Wear the perfume he loves.
  • Send him a little card or a cute text with a pic as a reminder.
  • Dress up even though I know we will be at home.

Husbands need to feel special too!

Before you start your date night make sure you’re ready to plan. A couple of to-dos for your big night in. Make sure the kids are tired (if you have any) so they can go to bed on time. You don’t want a bunch of interruptions. Its a total turnoff. Also, make sure that you have everything that you planned for, maybe make a list and check it twice. 🙂

Date Night List

1. Lets Cook Together bae: Hubby and I love to be in the kitchen together cooking new things. Tasting our food and laughing over music, while we tell stories of the early years or when we weren’t together. It is always nice to learn something new about somebody that you think you knew everything about.

Click HERE for a great pasta recipe

The Plan: make some homemade pasta together filled with all the yummy alfredo sauce that I love. And of course, ending the night with homemade ice cream sundaes. While cooking play a quick game of would your rather. This will make things interesting and most times these are great conversation starters.

Alfredo fettuccine

2. Game Night: Of course we want to get competitive, it’s always fun when you can have a one on one game night fun with bae. Until someone gets mad and flips the board over. (is that just us) Plan to play a game that each of you would enjoy, you could each pick a game to ensure you have something you can win. We love games like Phase 10, Uno, and of course 21.

The Plan: My husband and I are fierce when it comes to competition. One way we turn this date night up is with a wager. If I win you have to x, y, and z. This makes sure that we are all in, as winning means a lot to each of us. If you and your love are not as competitive you guys will still have fun with putting the wager in place.

Romance Is An Important Stay-At-Home Date Night Factor

Remember the main idea is to make this romantic for both of you. We cant plan a one-sided date night. This should impact you both. 

3. Let’s get Romantic: home date nights seem far fetched when you have kids as we do. You can do it and you can make it special. There are many places in your home that you can turn into a romantic oasis. The living room, dining room, or even your bedroom. And by romantic I mean really romantic. You could even watch a movie that you both deem as romantic.

The plan: For us, romance is quiet music, candlelight, and finger foods that we can feed each other. If you’re not sure what romance looks like for you and your love, this is always a good conversation starter. As what you deem as romantic may not be the same for you love.

4. Let’s Learn something new: We love to learn new things and its always fun when we can do it together. Being better than my husband definitely makes things more fun for me. Ha! It’s true. I’m sure that the same goes for my husband. We are lovers of making crafts or learning a new sport or exercise.

The Plan: A few things that we’ve tried in the last two months that have been fun are things like making sushi, creating poetry that we could read to each other. And last but not least making crafts for our home.

I would suggest reaching out to some local companies that do paint or wooden board parties to see if they have a form of a DIY box.

5. Binge watch your favorite show: There is nothing like cuddling up with bae and watching a show that you both can get into.

The plan: Find out when a good movie marathon is coming on and plan around that. Or you could find a new Netflix or Hulu show. There are so many lists out there to make choosing something easy.

The argument that we usually have is watching it when the other one is gone. Make sure you’re checking to see if it’s ok to continue the show without each other.

Some Bonus date ideas:

  • Get some fresh air and go for a walk
  • Bike rides are a fun date
  • Planning a bucket list of date nights

If your an Indianapolis local you can also check out our local date night: Here

I hope you have as much fun as we do on our date nights. If you have some additional date night ideas drop them in the comments for us to share.

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