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Wondering, what you are put on the earth to accomplish or what you should be doing right now? These three ways will help you get started on the road to finding your purpose! While Knowing your purpose may seem like a daunting task; finding what you were born to do makes all the difference. For that reason, this is not something that is just answered in a quick survey or after reading an article that may describe what someone with your personality might be a good fit for. After all, it is what you were born to do! You honestly have to work at, search for it and become aware of it even though you were born with it!

You can start your search with these three quick ways to put you on the right track to your purpose. But first let me say that I was pointed in the right direction by my spiritual mother Prophetess Subrina Fraklin, she has since passed on but her words still stay with me daily. I also asked all the questions up top and I still go over them to continue to grow in my purpose!  

1.What Does Your Name Mean for your purpose?

What does your name mean? I know this seems simple and trivial but really dig into it! My name is Lateva ( NO MY MOM DIDN’T MAKE IT UP) ha! Its actually derived from the Arabic name latifah ( YES! Queen Latifah ) It means Gentle or beautiful! My Middle name Quanice ( which I thought My mother made up) wink! If broken down means royalty or ruler…. which I thought was super cool…. And my last name Woolfork (married) I also had to break up to Wool and Fork… wool which is the most versatile fabric on the planet and fork.. which is used to shovel things in, so all together…….. DRUM ROLL PLEASE?!?

I am the Gentle royal ruler of a strong tool that shovels….. now that may or may not sound appealing to you now but it spoke volumes to me. As we go on you will learn that I gently love those around me. I push everyone I know and challenge them to answer the hard questions about any situation they ask me about. Or, if you talk to my brothers, I intrusively ask questions I have no business asking! And most of all I make them think about thier actions when they are not in front of me! Either way I am happy with being true to my purpose!

2.What Feels Right to you?

Furthermore, know what feels good to you, there is a certain peace in knowing what you are supposed to do on this earth. And when you’re doing it everything seems to just fall in to place. It just feels right, your mind is at peace and your heart is challenged on an even greater level. Feeling comfortable may come later as at first your not used to walking in your purpose but; it feels like you want to know more. Look at your early years you have always been drawn to your purpose! Simply what you love doing or what you gravitate towards.

3.How is Your Relationship With God?

In addition the more I commune with God and I mean really spend time not just praying or going to church but digging in to the seriousness of our relationship! Each time, I feel like I get closer to God and even closer to my purpose in the earth. Take steps to meditate on what you love and what you feel is important. This is where you ask the hard questions God where am I supposed to be? What did you create me for? And simply, whats my purpose?!?!?

I hope that this helps you on your journey to find your purpose! Please note that this is just the tip of the iceberg and there will be many more posts on this topic! Also, as women, we are ever-changing for an all-purpose God that will use you differently in a different season so don’t feel stuck on one part of your purpose but evolve with it. Please leave me a note on ways that helped you find your purpose…. or questions you may have about my journey thus far!

Ephesians 1:4 

For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight in love. 


The All Purpose Woman