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As a mother of 6 beautiful girls, I’m constantly looking for ways to boost their positive thoughts and self-confidence.

Keeping in my mind the soreness of my upbringing not being a positive. And learning now as an adult how to deal with certain emotional triggers pushes me to teach them even more.

I want them to know they can affirm themselves through young adulthood.

How Do I affirm my daughter?

It’s a continuous cycle of teaching them Self-love is the best love. Affirming yourself in love at the start of your day will give you a new outlook on life.

Leading you to a life of both purpose and success. I let my girls know; you are worthy of both love and success. Knowing you’re worthy alone will carry you a long way.

In doing research on starting my day I’ve learned the following:

Those who use self-affirmations success is attributed to their ability to broaden a person’s overall perspective and reduce the effect of negative emotions (Sherman, 2013Cohen and Sherman, (you can read more here)

What is an affirmation?

Affirmations are positive thinking ways to speak life into your day or even a present moment. These positive thoughts help us learn to love ourselves and change any negative self-talk we may have.

To affirm: ” state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly.” The definition speaks volumes to me on so many levels. While it may seem hard to both think and be positive daily, it is life-changing.

How Do I Affirm My Daughter

Affirm your daughter by teaching her that love takes discipline. Let her know that she has the power to create her surroundings, as she grows, she will learn to love herself more and more each day.

letting her know negative thoughts and negative self-talk can come easy; they can almost become soothing when we want to brace ourselves for the hurt. Share statements and moments like I’ve been there. I’m the person that goes down the rabbit hole of what if and how come very quickly.

Changing my thoughts helps change my energy and my outlook along with it.

How To Make Affirmations Work For Your Daughter

I had to teach myself first and pass on the knowledge I’ve gathered through the stories of my trials as they grow older. I teach them each day to handle their thoughts, wants, and emotions with grace and love.

Teaching them to nurture themselves is also something I had to learn about when exploring my parenting style. Not only did I think about being a positive parent but being honest and vulnerable with them.

If your thinking about vulnerability with your daughter you may want to read (THIS)

Affirmation Steps To Teach Your Daughter:

  • Place the affirmation that resonates with you most in place you see daily.
  • Be honest with how your feeling; this will help you choose what affirmation you need for the day.
  • Repeat them as many times you need to feel better
  • Switch them out when you feel you’ve stepped into that chosen affirmation. (it’s natural to shift on what you need to focus on)

Pro tip: Wake up early with your daughter and say them aloud with her. Ask her to repeat them back to you as a morning routine.

15 Words of Positive Affirmations For Girls

  1. I am worthy of love, created by love, and can give and receive love fluently.
  2. I am stronger than my past failures, I can heal from my family traumas, and I can see the GOOD in each day.
  3. I was created for a purpose; everything I need to achieve my purpose is already inside of me.
  4. I choose those who get my energy; I am strong enough to say no to those who take from me.
  5. I am fluent in positivity; I dwell in GRACE, LOVE, and JOY. I deserve happiness and will rejoice.
  6. I am worthy of abundance.
  7. No matter the mistakes I make, I will give myself grace.
  8. God will keep me through all things because all things were created for me good.
  9. Failure is a part of success.
  10. I am strong enough to own when I’ve done something hurtful; I can apologize and change my behavior.
  11. Saying No is just as powerful as saying YES!
  12. SelfLove is The best Love.
  13. Growing into my purpose will take discipline.
  14. Prayer gives me the strength of knowing God will show up for me
  15. God is love, and Love is in me.

These daily affirmations will help your daughter on her journey for greater self-love, self-awareness, and self-care. Be sure that she prints, writes, or posts these in her daily viewpoint as a reminder throughout her day.

How To Write Positive Affirmations

Affirmations can come from almost anywhere if you open yourself up to them. They are mostly statements; one aspires to become true in their day-to-day life.

Suppose you’re a young lady looking to write your own affirmations; you have to look within. Write a list of things you want to work on and how you want to work on them; then put together the best result.

For example, I want to write stories that inspire the world. Affirmations I would create would look like:

I am an amazing writer

I can write stories that move the world to tears, changing their lives forever.

I can help others by telling my story because I am beautifully and wonderfully made.

You can also take your favorite bible verses and add on to them for something more personal.

I also suggest meditating and asking God how he wants to change your surroundings.

FREE Printable Positive Affirmations For Girls

I created some free printable posters to help both myself and my daughters with our self-love quest.

These free affirmations posters for your daughter would be great for posting around a bedroom or dorm room. This is especially helpful if your daughter would rather not read them aloud each day.

It took some time for me to get my daughters to really see the value of affirmations. They truly started to realize the value as they got older and started to write their own.

Convincing your daughters to do things that you know are good for them is of course a joy motherhood.

You can find that here. Be sure to stay connected with me for more FREE posters.

Practical Daily Affirmation steps to take:

  • Find the joy in your morning. Before you tock anything, before you text or talk to anyone, find one thing to smile about.
  • Set a routine up that you feel comfortable enough to do daily
  • Get a journal where you can jot down what comes to you during your time. ( or any time for that matter)
  • Create a space in your home that makes you feel good. This space doesn’t have to be extravagant. It could simply be a pillow you love.
  • Pray and ask God to give you the space you need to clear your mind each day.

How To Align Yourself With Your Affirmation

Aligning yourself with what you want for all things YOU, takes discipline, it takes tenacity and a whole lotta self-love! As stated above YOUR WORTH EVERY BIT OF IT GIRL!

You have to take a moment to sit with yourself and have a hard conversation about what is not taking you to the places you want to go. Take time to write these things down in your journal or in your phone.

After you take self-inventory, you can then list what you want to align with and create affirmations that fit those goals.

Set a daily routine that will keep you in a position to changing any habits or thoughts that you want to let go of.

Affirmations For Girls Work

Feel free to change anything in your daily routine or your daily life, for that matter, to aid you in radiating positive energy. I am praying for you and would love to continue the conversation. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest & IG.

Remember, people who wake up and set their intentions with morning affirmations are normally more emotionally intelligent. They go into the world ready to take on both the happy and the heavy.

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