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Let’s talk about 10 newborn diaper bag essentials. It’s almost time for baby girl number 6 arrival into the world. which means bags are packed and waiting by the door for our July 16th due date. When you have a new baby there are so many things that we think we need. But, mama it’s ok to pack light. I’m not saying that you don’t need anything and that you shouldn’t be well prepared but you don’t need to pack the store in your diaper bag. {just a couple of each of the above items}

If your not to busy{A little about my breastfeeding journey with 4 girls: Here}

Lets pause for a real baby need: The most important baby need is you mama, and I am not just saying that. Taking care of yourself, making sure you’re sleeping, eating, and able to take care of the baby is so important. Take the time to check in with yourself. Also, take help from those that offer, it’s ok it takes a village.

Ok, Back to our diaper bag essentials! Let’s talk about the diaper bag mistakes I’ve made first.

There are so many things to think through when its time to pack the baby’s first diaper bag. And I’ve hit the wall a couple of times when packing. One mistake I’ve made multiple times is on the size of the baby’s first outfit. (insert cry face) Yes, the one thing that you want to get right is baby’s outfit and I just kept getting it wrong.

Even after having four other daughters I still got it wrong with our last baby girl (Anastasia) she is now 2. The outfit is always too big or too small for baby.

Another thing that I have made the mistake of doing is overstuffing the bag. This is why I say pack light, you don’t want to be in the world and have to take every single thing out of the bag to get what you need. Luckily now we have diaper bags with compartments that will help with that. But, when I started having babies you just put all the stuff in the middle of the bag and hoped for the best.

Now that I told my mom fails I can get to the list. 🙂 {share some with me on IG}

3 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before you pack:

  1. Are you breast or bottle feeding? The best kinda baby is a fed one so no judgment here.
  2. Will you use cloth or disposable diapers? My preference has been disposable diapers.
  3. How long will you be away from home? This is of course dependant on delivery.

These questions will help you to narrow down what to pack in your diaper bag.

What’s In My Diaper Bag?

  1. Swaddlers Diapers: I love this brand. I love the longevity, how progressive they are, and most of all how they fit baby. Get the BIG box its worth it for your first diaper go-round with baby. 
  2. Tommie Tippie Bottles:  I don’t use bottles very often when I’m with the baby. Normally its hubby who has to go grab a bottle when I’m away.  These bottles really seem to make a difference nipple wise for my little ones. They each really like the feel of the nipple being close to what the breast would feel like. 
  3. Honest Baby Wipes: These are a new fav of mine as I was still used to the normal baby products that I grew up on. But, after getting a pack they quickly became my new fav. They are soft and durable which is all you want in a wipe + they have no chemicals. 
  4. Pacifiers: You may have what I call a ” binkie baby” which is a little one that needs a little (or a lot) of extra soothing. And these will help baby stay calm during the ride home, a conversation or even a diaper change. 
  5. Lansinoh Nursing Pads:  These I often forget to put in my bag but are a mommy must-have. Leaking is a major issue. I’ve been in so many situations where I look down and my whole shirt is wet. Get these for your sanity mama. PRO TIP: You may want to pack an extra shirt for yourself. 
  6. Lansinoh Nipple Cream: While this doesn’t seem like its essential it’s one of my top picks for breastfeeding/first-time moms. When nursing your nipples can become so sensitive and even a quick brush from your shirt can have you wanting to jump out of your clothes.  PRO TIP: Run the cream on the pad for extra protection. 
  7. Clean Baby Essentials: As I said earlier the honest brand has stolen my heart when it comes to baby products. So this time I went with all honest brands when on the go.  I love the smell of lavender, and I love to wash baby up at the end of the night and put them to bed with the sweet smell. 
  8. Extra Clothes:  This little bundle will give you all you need for baby. And as a new or OG mom you know you can never leave the house without an additional onesie or two.  You can also go with this collective of onesies for baby. 
  9. Lanisnoh Milk Bags: Carrying breast milk around is not the easiest thing to do. These bags little plastic bags have been a pure lifesaver for me.  You’ll want to use these on the go with a cold freeze bag. 
  10. Hand-Held Breast Pump:  When on the go with baby pumping becomes an essential part of your daily life. You may not always be home and able to get you your pump. In that case, taking a smaller handheld pump with you is a good idea. You may also want this breastfeeding nursing cover-up while out and about too. 

A couple of extra pro-tips:

In this crazy world, we have to add one extra layer of protection for both you and baby. So covering baby while out so when people try to “oh and ahh” over the baby is essential these days.

Lysol or Clorox wipes are a must if you have to use a public restroom when with the baby. Yes, having the cover from the diaper bag is great but an extra layer of protection is always good.

If your a bottled feeding mama pre-measuring water and formula would help tremendously. As then your not looking for one or the other when on the go.

Lastly, a small thing of hand sanitizer when on the go will help when you when out touching things and have to love on baby too.

These are just a few things that you will need for the baby but of course, parents know best. You will just know what baby needs and when the baby needs it. Please leave me a note about something you could not live without in your diaper bag!


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